How to Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar

It is very important to know who your Ideal Customer Avatar is.

The better you know your ideal customer avatar, the better you will be able to write content that they will respond too.

A very familiar saying that is “if you try and sell to everyone you will sell to no one.”

It is very important to know your Ideal Customer Avatar so that you can identify more information about them and therefore you will be able to address their issues better.

Absolutely Critical

It is absolutely critical to your business that you know who your Ideal customer Avatar is.

This ideal customer avatar represents a single most perfect customer you could possibly have.

I.e. the perfect customer who completely needs and wants your product, your content or your services. This ideal customer could even be the perfect person you would love to work with.

So in identifying this perfect customer, you will also find out more details about this person.

What he/she

Doesn’t like
Aspirations are
When you know all this you will know your Ideal Customer Avatar intimately thus you will more easily be able to create content for him/her in your social media or blog posts.
Now when you understand your Ideal Customer Avatar intimately, you will be able to more easily create content to provide solutions to their specific problems thus satisfying their wants and their needs.

Enjoy receiving your content

Therefore your content will be very valuable to them, as they will enjoy receiving your content. They know you are not wasting their time with non-relevant content instead you understand their desires, which will be something they will pay for.

Build a business on a long-term basis

So if you are truly looking to build a business on a long-term basis you will need to get absolutely focussed on who your ideal customer avatar is and then create content for them specifically.

When you do this you will find your customers thinking you have read their mind, as you know exactly what they are needing and wanting, which seems like you know what they are thinking.

This is exactly what happened to me when I found the person who introduced me to my business mentor.

The content was written so clearly and it genuinely seemed like the person was writing the content and shot the video directly for me.

The right message for the right person at the right time delivered in the right place.

So if you are interested in learning more about your ideal customer avatar or any aspect of starting a business online or perhaps you are interested to start a business around your interests I would like to introduce you to my mentor.

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So getting back to me finding this amazing message I felt was written directly for me – for this to happen you need to intimately know and understand your Ideal Customer Avatar.

Know his/her fears, aspirations, what he/she needs and wants or even desires.

Learning how to get to know your ideal customer avatar intimately will allow you to create content, products and sell to them in a direct way.

Therefore creating the right message to the right person at the right time and then offer in the right place.

Define your ideal customer avatar

So you need to define your ideal customer avatar, this perfect customer who you know intimately and understand their fears and aspirations.

Well, you will need to create a person in your mind. This Ideal Customer Avatar is the person who ideally wants and loves your content he/she looks forward to receiving your content and buys all your products as they get such benefit from your products and are happy to refer you to their friends and family.

Now even though there are billions of people in the world, we are just going to focus on this one person this one Ideal Customer Avatar.

By focussing just on a single person will enable you to focus on their specific needs and problems rather than a vast mixture or desires and issues.


It will allow you to become laser-focused in knowing your ideal customer avatar resulting in your content is clear, concentrated and highly relevant.

Firstly write a detailed description of your Ideal Customer Avatar. Now, you are probably going to be making this Ideal Customer Avatar up, but you still need to really drive deep and describe the avatar as detailed as possible.

Now you may find as you describe your ideal customer avatar, you are most likely describing yourself, and that is OK.

The customer we know and understand the best is ourselves. We are familiar with all our likes and dislikes, all our fears and aspirations.

However, if you already have a customer in your business that is an absolute raving fan, then describe that customer, although most of the time, you will be describing yourself.

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